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Show Your Soft Side, April 8, 2014

Show Your Soft Side

plus, the end of Solesky

April 8, 2014

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Attorney Fred Kray, cohost Kris "Brown Sugar" Diaz, and the rest of the PBLNR are joined by Caroline Griffin, who talks about Baltimore's "Show Your Soft Side" advertising campaign which has juxtaposed tough guys like Henry Rollins and the Ravens' Torrey Smith with adorable animals to spread an anti-cruelty message.

Torrey Smith

The campaign was launched in response to a string of abuse cases perpetrated by young men and uses athletes, musicians, and men in "macho" occupations to spread the message that there's nothing unmanly about kindness. Learn more: Show Your Softside webpage | Show Your Soft Side on Facebook.

Ms. Griffin and Jennifer Brause (BARCS) also discuss the Maryland legislature signing into law a bill that undoes the Solesky ruling. The new legislation is breed neutral and is in line with the legal position taken by most states on dog-bite liability.

Maggie Marton (Oh My Dog) and Kristen Lizana (Pit Stop Rescue in Baton Rouge) also call in to address the rumors swirling about the Houma, LA, dog-bite fatality. This case involves a 130 lb dog (described as an "American Bully"), allegations that the dog's sire produces human-aggressive offspring, and questionable dog management (unneutered male and female in heat in a small apartment). You can read more here.

Plus, advocacy with Little Darling, dog training with Yvette Van Veen, and BDL updates.

And here's more pictures from the Show Your Soft Side campaign.

Jon Boyer

Josef Newgarden

Henry Rollins

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