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Citizen Canine, April 22, 2014

David Grimm on our evolving relationship with dogs

Plus, Mazzy's fight against New Llano BDL moves to court

April 22, 2014

Citizen Canine by David GrimmListen: use the player below | download this episode | listen at

Attorney Fred Kray, cohost Kris Diaz, and the rest of the PBLNR crew welcome David Grimm, author, professor of journalism at John Hopkins, and deputy news editor at Science. Mr. Grimm's new book, Citizen Canine, explores the history of our relationship with dogs and their changing legal status. In his PBLNR appearance, he highlights how dogs have moved from being barely worth veterninary attention to valued members of the family; the role of veterinarians in that change; and whether more rights for dogs will lead to higher vet bills. Mr. Grimm also discusses the chapter in Citizen Canine that he devoted to pit bulls and notes that the shift of dogs from being seen as property to being seen as family members coincides with the vilification of pit bulls.

We are also joined by Christine Nelson and Stacy Palowsky, Esq., for an update on Ms. Nelson's dog Mazzy and the lawsuit filed in federal court against the town of New Llano, LA (home of what is possibly the country's most unconstitutional BDL) by Ms. Palowsky and our own Fred Kray.

Learn more: David Grimm's website | Fighting for Mazzy (Facebook page) | Town of New Llano Sued over Pit Bull Ban

Finally, Yvette Van Veen addresses reasonable and safe dog handling while attempting to rehabilitate a dog.

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