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Victoria Armstrong & Relic, May 13, 2014

Search Dog Relic

Plus Rebecca Corry on the One Million Pibble March

RelicMay 13, 2014

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Attorney Fred Kray, cohost Kris Diaz, and the rest of the PBLNR crew welcome Victoria Armstrong, who tells us about training and working with Relic, a three-year old American Pit Bull Terrier.

Ms. Armstrong began doing search and rescue work with her Dutch Shepard but having adopted pit bulls in the past, wished to train a pit bull for the work. Ms. Armstrong decided to get a puppy from a breeder so that she could get a puppy from working lines and ensure that it was socialized as a puppy with cats and other animals (Relic is from the Sorrell line of APBTs). Ms. Armstrong began Relic's search training at five months using positive reinforcement—a game of tug is her favorite reward. As you can see in these pictures, she loves to climb. Relic specializes in searching for human remains.

RelicMs. Armstrong and Relic most recently participated in the search for victims of the tragic Oso, WA, mudslide. This was a very difficult search due to the scale of destruction—this was the largest mudslide in the U.S. not caused by volcanic activity or a damn breaking— rain and cold, and deep, sucking mud. It was also a difficult search emotionally for the dog handlers.

Learn more: Evergreen Search Dogs | article on Ms. Armstrong & Relic ("Search dogs aid in Oso recovery operation")

We were also be joined by Rebecca Corry for an assessment of how the One Million Pibble March went. Ms. Corry, describes putting together the march as "excrutiating" as she spent a year organizing, promoting, and fundraising for it and was criticized by both proponets and opponents of BDL. The end result though, was "magical." While she is not planning to do another march, she is still working for pit bulls and against BDL through her Stand Up for Pits Foundation. Below is a video of highlights from the march.

Finally, Yvette Van Veen talks interactive dog toys and suggests you may want to keep a few plain old non-interactive toys on hand too.

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