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Community Outreach & Group Visibility

Johanna Falber on Community Outreach & Group Visibility

December 16, 2014

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Attorney Fred Kray, cohost Kris Diaz, and the rest of the PBLNR crew welcome Johanna Falber of Stubby's Heroes who discusses how Stubby's Heroes has been so effective in being visible in the community and supporting pit bull owners. The keys to her and Stubby's Heroes success have been employing business strategies, creating partnerships, taking a compassionate approach to dog owners, and reaching out to breeders.

Ms. Falber also outlines her development from idealist to pragmatist and details some of her organization's success stories and examples of outreach. Anyone working in advocacy will benefit from her insight.

Learn more: | Stubby's Heroes on Facebook

In dog training, Yvette Van Veen discusses canine play behavior. She emphasizes that dogs play differently and one can't expect a dog to get along with all other dogs. She also points out what positive play behaviors to look for and red flags (like predatory behavior).

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