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BDL on the Ballot, Feb. 10, 2015

Challenging BDL through the Ballot Box

Are ballot measures an effective way to challenge breed discriminatory laws?

February 10, 2015

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Attorney Fred Kray, cohost Kris Diaz, and the rest of the PBLNR crew welcome back Nancy Tranzow for a discussion of using ballot initiatives to attack existing breed-discriminatory laws. Ms. Tranzow worked to get an initiative on to Aurora, Colorado, ballots in 2014 that would have repealed the city's breed ban. The initiative, like the one in Miami, FL, failed to gather enough votes. With Ms. Tranzow, we cover challenges to ballot initiatives—such as educating voters and the difficulty of overturning laws already in place—and alternatives to ballot initiatives such as working with city councils and law suits.

In training, Yvette Van Veen explores possibly the most difficult questions a dog trainer can be faced with— when to suggest euthanizing an aggressive dog. Factors she considers are how much damage the dog has already done, how costly would a failure in management be, how committed and complaint the aggressive dog's owners are, and what quality of life the dog looking at.

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