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Deirdre Franklin, Feb. 24, 2015

The Life and Times of Deirdre Franklin

And the Pinups for Pitbulls Calendar Model Call

February 24, 2015

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Deirdre Franklin Attorney Fred Kray, cohost Kris Diaz, and the rest of the PBLNR crew catch up with Deirdre "Little Darling" Franklin. We'll ask her about her new book and get the scoop on the 2016 Pinups for Pitbulls calendar including what they look for in both human and dog models.

In news, we discuss a bill in Georgia that would outlaw BDL statewide—that would be a huge win because many existing breed bans (including those that are the most poorly crafted) are in the South.

In dog training, Yvette Van Veen tackles the notion of "natural" dog training. Is it just a gimmick? And how many "natural" behaviors do we really want?

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