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Meet the guests who have appeared on Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio.

Mark Barone and Marina Dervan

Mark Barone & Marina DervanMark Barone and Marina Dervan have thus far spent three and a half years and their retirement savings to try to paint portraits of 5,500 dogs that have been killed in shelters. They are now at 4,900. You cannot appreciate his work until you watch this pbs short documentarty that chronicles the process.The oil paintings are beautiful and each one is created by hand. If you stacked the pictures one on top of the other, they would extend to two football fields in length.

Their vision is to have a permanent exhibit to show humanity that 5,500 dogs are killed everyday, and it is time to take action. You can help them by going to their website and donating, and also spreading the word about their project.

Larry Levin

Larry LevinLarry Levin is the author of the book "Oogy" which chronicles his rescue of a bait dog that was initially identified as a pit bull. Oogy, who grew to eighty pounds, was later found to be a Dogo Argentino. As you can see from the photo, Oogy suffered massive life threatening head injuries and has been through several surguries on his head to keep him alive. Despite a rough start, he has loved and brought joy to eveyone, including Larry and his two adopted children.

Douglas Anthony Cooper

Anthony Cooper

Douglas Anthony Cooper is the author of Galunker, a children's book about a pit bull (illustrated by Dula Yavne). 

Cooper's first novel, Amnesia, was a national bestseller; it was shortlisted for the Books in Canada First Novel Award, and longlisted for the Commonwealth Prize. He has published two bestselling novels for young adults: Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help, and Milrose Munce and the Plague of Toxic Fungus.  

Born in Canada, Cooper has spent much of his life in New York, and now lives in Oaxaca.


Zachary Anderegg

Zachary AndereggZachary Anderegg is the author of the book "Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself-One Man's Struggle to Save an Abandoned Puppy and Himself."  The  incredible rescue, which necessitated dropping down into a slot canyon three hundred and fifty feet deep can be seen here. The book also discusses the long term effects of bullying and how rescuing the dog resulted in the author's own story of self discovery and recovery.

Scottie Westfall

Scottie WestfallScottie Westfall hosts the blog entitled "The Retriever, Dog & Wildlife Blog" or The Retrieverman. He has written for The Bark and Amateur Naturalist and his blog has been ranked #1 on the Technorati category for pet blogs. His background includes Western history, international politics and economy, and current political intrigue. His blog is not about any of that, thankfully, and he mainly writes about dogs and their place in society, the history of that relationship, and how it can be improved. His blog covers a multitude of subjects, including dog breeding, the show ring, working dogs, and of course retrievers.

Melissa McDaniel

Melissa McDaniel

Author and photographer Melissa McDaniel traveled the U.S. for the last five years to produce the photo book projects, a series of photo books, note cards, fine art prints, calendars and more, all raising awareness about issues affecting animals in the U.S. today, especially those animals who are mistreated or misunderstood. The 4-book series (Deaf Dogs, Rescued in America, Pit Bulls & Pit Bull Type Dogs and Puppy-Mill Survivors) was inspired by her deaf dog Sadie, who was adopted from a shelter when she was a puppy. A percentage of the proceeds from her book sales is donated to animal rescue & advocacy groups.

Shorty Rossi

rossi.jpgShorty Rossi is best known for his TV reality show on Animal Planet entitled "Pit Boss." However, he is also a philanthropist, cigar blender, pit bull advocate, actor, producer and author. His book, called Four Feet Tall and Rising was published in 2012. He travels all over the country each year to advocate for pit bulls and against breed discriminatory laws. He was initially involved in pit bull rescue, but now concentrates on advocacy, because he feels that he can help a greater number of dogs that way. He is working on a new reality show and hopes for its premiere in 2015.

Will Angelos

Will AngelosWill Angelos is the writer behind the children's book "Itty Bitty Pitty In The Great Big City. He started a kickstarter campaign to fund the publishing of the book, and was successful in reaching the financial goal for publication. Mr. Angelos' intent was to have a book for children with a theme that "being different isn't so bad after all."

Victoria Armstrong

Rebecca Armstrong and RelicVictoria Armstrong does search and rescue with her American Pit Bull Terrier Relic. She has trained Relic as a cadaver dog, and was involved in the search of the Oso mudslide. She is continually training Relic to be ready for anything, and while the work is emotionally draining for both dog and human, they both love it.

Patricia Miles


Patricia Miles

Patricia Miles is the President & CEO of the Anti-DogFighting Campaign which is a worldwide campaign.  Patricia has spent the past 17 years battling the issues of dogfighting by investigating, building case files, handling tips, dispatching ADFC teams to locations, confronting state and overseas country officials regarding changes in laws, working with authorities worldwide and working with animal welfare agencies worldwide.  She has a degree in the veterinary field and has completed the Field Investigations & Response program.  She devotes her time to investigating suspected dogfighting locations, helping low income families by providing housing, blankets and food to their pets, and saving victims from the streets and getting them medical treatment and placement.  Patricia has been a long time animal advocate and striving to get many of the police departments to open anti-dogfighting task forces to better assist the public who suspect dog fighters.  She is also hoping to take part in educating the public regarding these issues through expos, seminars and animal cruelty conventions.



David Grimm

David GrimmDavid Grimm is the author of the book Citizen Canine. David is deputy news editor at Science, the world's leading journal of scientific research and science news. He is the recipient of the 2010 Animal Reporting Award from the National Press Club, and has been featured in The Best American Science and Nature Writing. His work has appeared in Science, U.S. News & World Report, The Bark, and the Financial Times. He teaches journalism at Johns Hoplins University and has a PhD in genetics from Yale.