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Patricia Miles


Patricia Miles

Patricia Miles is the President & CEO of the Anti-DogFighting Campaign which is a worldwide campaign.  Patricia has spent the past 17 years battling the issues of dogfighting by investigating, building case files, handling tips, dispatching ADFC teams to locations, confronting state and overseas country officials regarding changes in laws, working with authorities worldwide and working with animal welfare agencies worldwide.  She has a degree in the veterinary field and has completed the Field Investigations & Response program.  She devotes her time to investigating suspected dogfighting locations, helping low income families by providing housing, blankets and food to their pets, and saving victims from the streets and getting them medical treatment and placement.  Patricia has been a long time animal advocate and striving to get many of the police departments to open anti-dogfighting task forces to better assist the public who suspect dog fighters.  She is also hoping to take part in educating the public regarding these issues through expos, seminars and animal cruelty conventions.



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