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Meet the guests who have appeared on Pit Bulletin Legal News Radio.

Shannon Johnstone

johnstoneShannon Johnstone is the photographer behind the "Landfill Dogs." If you haven't seen her equisite action photos, you are missing a special kind of art. It is no accident that her pictures are so beautiful-she is on sabattical from teaching so she could take part in this project. Her photography has resulted in a huge increase in the adoption rate of her beautiful subjects.

Caroline Griffin

Caroline GriffinCaroline Griffin is an attorney who received her J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law. She was involved in the "Show Your Soft Side" campaign and is a board member of that organization. She has been a long time animal advocate, and has served as the Chair at the Mayor's Anti-Animal Abuse Advisory Committee, and was a former President at the Baltimore Humane Society.

Arin Greenwood

Arin GreenwoodArin Greenwood is editor of HuffPost DC. Arin  is a former lawyer with a J.D. from Columbia University Law School and a member of the New York Bar. Her fist novel, Tropical Depression was based on her five odd years living on a small island near Guam. Her second book, a young adult mystery called Save the Enemy, was published by Soho Teen in November 2013. She has done many animal related stories, one involving a cat running for public office. You can see her work at the Huffington Post.

Kelly Shutt Cottrell

cottrellKelly Shutt Cottrell is Supervisor of Behavior and Training at the Louisiana SPCA. She studied dog training at the Academy of Dog Trainers and believes strongly in "force free" training methods. She is co-founder of Your Pit Bull and You, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to spreading awareness that animal learning is not breed specific.

Cathy Rosenthal

Cathy RosenthalCathy M. Rosenthal has more than 25 years of experience in public relations, communications and humane eduction in the animal welfare field. She has worked for local humane societies and national humane groups, appearing on hundreds of television and radio news and public affairs programs to address animal issues. She currently is a consultant for local and national animal welfare organizations. Cathy is a freelance writer for newspapers, magazines and nonprofit organizations. She recently wrote an article entitled "How Language Impacts Our Perceptions of Animals."  She has also authored two children's books to show kids about responsible pet care without preaching to them: The Lucky Tale of Two Dogs and The Happy Tale of Two Cats. You can see a short video of the dog and cat books at Pet Pundit Publishing. Check out Cathy's website, Writing For A Cause

Barbara Besteni

Barbara BesteniBarbara Besteni joined the Local 10 team as Managing Editor of Local10.com in April of 2008. After graduating from Brooklyn College in New York, she began her television career at WABC-TV Eyewitness News where her passion for journalism grabbed her and never let go. From there she went to Good Morning America until the warmer climate of South Florida and the chance to be closer to her family convinced her to pack her bags and head south. Once in South Florida, Barb started her own production company which she had for 10 years until television news brought her back in. She was online video producer and Managing Editor of NBC6.net from 2000-2008. In 2004, she had the honor of being part of the NBCOLYMPICS.com team in Athens, Greece. A chance meeting with a 3 month old minature dachshund 14 years ago sparked her passion for animal advocacy.

Robert Pregulman

Robert PregulmanRobert Pregulman started Seattle DogSpot to give area dog owners a one stop shop for everything in dog crazy Seattle. Before launching Seattle Dog Spot, in February 2012, he worked for a national environmental and consumer watchdog group for thirteen years. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 1980 with a BA in Economics and achieved an Executive Masters of Public Administration from the Evans School of Public Policy at the University of Washington in 2012. He has been following the saga of the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Dogs and visited them onsite in Arizona where they are now being housed, evaluated, and adopted out.

Johanna Falber

Johanna FalberJohanna Falber founded Stubby's Heroes, a non profit run solely by volunteers. Its mission is to support local rescues, encourage responsible dog ownership, promote spay neuter efforts, and provide pro bono support to local community members, as well as manage 13 Georgia and Florida combined monthly bully walks. Stubby's Heroes organized highly effective communication campaigns to propose breed neutral legislation and have worked with local city and county councils where breed discriminatory legislation has been proposed. Johanna is a retired police officer and plans to return to school to pursue a law degree.

Dennis Tabella

Dennis Tabella Director of Defenders of AnimalsDennis Tabella is the Director of Defender of Animals, which is a plaintiff in the Pawtucket lawsuit challenging the city's breed ban. Defender of Animals is dedicated to defend the inalienable rights of both companion animals and wildlife through education, legal and legislative action.

Nancy Traznow

Nancy Traznow ColoRADogsNancy Traznow is involved with ColoRADogs, a registered 501(c)(3) non profit whose mission is to advocate for responsible pet ownership for Pit Bull type dogs and all other breeds through community outreach, public eduction and repeal of breed discriminatory legislation in Colorado. She has been intimately involved in the figth to repeal the breed ban in Aurora, Colorado.

Mark Morse, Esq.

Mark Morse, Esq.Mark B. Morse, Esq. is the attorney who is fighting Pawtucket's Pit Bull Ban.The issue is whether Pawtucket's ban is grandfathered in with respect to Rhode Island state law that prohibits breed bans. He has practiced in virtually all forums in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, including handling cases before the Rhode Island Supreme Court, Massachusetts Appeals Court, the superior and district courts and federal district and bankruptcy courts.He has written and argued appeals in the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals, and is a member of the United States Supreme Court.