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Excerpted interviews from episodes of PBLN Radio.

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Mark Barone and Marina Dervan: 5,500 Shelter Dog Portraits and the Museum of Compassion
Larry Levin and Oogy
Zachary Anderegg—Rescuing Riley, Saving Myself
Scottie Westfall: Retrievers, Breeding, Working Dogs and Pit Bulls
Shorty Rossi-His Life and Times
Victoria Armstrong and her Search and Rescue APBT Relic
David Grimm - Citizen Canine And The Evolving Relationship Between Man and Dog
Kelly Shutt Cottrell & Drayton Michaels: Can Pit Bull Advocacy Be Divorced From Animal Behavior
Barbara Besteni - Sources, Deadlines and the Challenges of Accurate Reporting of Pit Bull News
Johanna Falber - Breed Discriminatory Legislation in Georgia
ColoRADodogs And The Aurora Breed Ban
Katie Barnett and Karen Martiny Discuss Grassroots Advocacy
Arin Greenwood Huffington Post Reporter Discusses Pit Bulls & The Media
Cathy Rosenthal-Talking To The Media About Pit Bull Terriers
Robert Pregulman and the Olympic Sanctuary Dogs
Anthony Barnett and Game Dog Guardian
Donald Cleary Co-Author of 2013 JAVMA Article "Co-occurence of potentially preventable factors in 256 dog bite-related fatalities in the US (2000-2009)"
Melissa Miller-How to Effectively Manage Your Facebook Page
Kim Wolf-A Comprehensive Approach to Helping People & Pets
Maggie Marton and Oh My Dog
Amy Cranmer and Gunny
Lisa Edwards and A Dog Named Boo
Shadow the Vicktory Dog
Ledy VanKavage and the 2013 No More Homeless Pets Pit Bull Terrier Advocate Focus Group Presentation
Patrick Bettendorf and Ruby's Tale
Troy Kechely & Jamie Alfaro
Yvette Van Veen and Awesome Dogs
Craig Dunn and Paw Justice
Rebecca Corry and the Million Pibble March on Washington DC Scheduled May 3rd 2014
Emily Douglas, Peaches Therapy and "The Unexamined Dog" Blog
Carol Whitt and Everest-The CGC Reading Companion
Richard Hunter, Victory Dog Mel & The Role of Sports in America
John Ensminger, Esq. & A Legal Basis for Canine Scent Identification
Rebekah Lusk, Esq. & Animal Welfare Groups Against Emotional Damages for Pet Owners
Traci Madson and Vicktory Dog Halle
Rachel Johnson and Vicktory Dog Oscar
John Garcia and Michelle Besmehn and the Vicktory Dogs at Best Friends
Paul Tullis & Time Magazine's Softer Side of Pit Bulls
Susan Weidel and Vicktory Dog Little Red
Mary Gregory Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue July 2, 2013
Roo Yori Discusses Wallace and Holistic Cancer Treatment June 25, 2013
Roo Yori and Vicktory Dog Hector June 25, 2013
Foster Corder Conversations With A Pit Bull June 18, 2013
Paul & Melissa Vicktory Dog Cherry June 11, 2013
David Mangold Milwaukee Court Case Dogs June 4, 2013
Deirdre Franklin Pinups For Pitbulls May 28, 2013
Mark Stoutzenberger Handsome Dan Rescue, May 21, 2013
Jackie Spiker Hope Animal Rescues May 7, 2013
Wendy Kaplan Broward County Commission Committee on Aggressive Dogs April 30, 2013
Josh Liddy and Shelter Reform April 30, 2013
Adam Karp, Esq., Successfully Litigating BSL, April 23, 2013
Marthina McClay Our Pack Pit Bull & Chihuahua Rescue April 16, 2013
Matt Miner & His "Liberator" Comic Book Series April 9, 2013
Bully The Kid "The Bully World" April 9, 2013
Advocacy Roundtable Discussion, April 2, 2013
Cory Smith on Effective Alternatives to BSL, April 2, 2013
Kim Wolf, Advocacy Tips for Building Safe Humane Communities, April 2, 2013
Ledy VanKavage, Esq., Presents Lobbying for Non-Profits, April 2, 2013
Jennifer R. Edwards, Esq., Rimadyl Settlement March 26, 2013
Jennifer R. Edwards, Esq., and Senator David Balmer Colorado Police Dog Training Bill March 26, 2013
Drayton Michaels, Positive Reward Dog Trainer, March 26, 2013
Libby Sherrill--Beyond The Myth Reunion March 19, 2013
John Ensminger, Esq. The Dog Law Reporter March 12, 2013
Randy Grim Stray Rescue March 12, 2013
Ashley Mutch Pets For Life Philadelphia March 5, 2013
Laura Handzel Comments On Proper Presentation Etiquette In Light of the Broward County Commission Meeting February 26, 2013
Lisa Prince Fishler and HeARTs Speak - Saving Rescues Through Photography February 26, 2013
Erica Daniel and Dolly's Foundation Grassroots Advocacy February 26, 2013
Stephanie Filer "Low Key" Advocacy and Public Education February 19, 2013
Jamie Buerhle - Why We Couldn't Move To Toronto February 12, 2013
Kim Wolf - Breed Specific Policies Hurt Animal Welfare February 12, 2013
Lori Weise and LA's Downtown Dog Rescue Helping the Homeless and Their Dogs January 29, 2013
Dog Bite Statistics - Brent Toellner, Don Cleary and Jim Crosby January 22, 2013
Cynthia Bathurst, SafeHumaneChicago & The Court Case Dogs January 15, 2013
Aimee Sadler Successful Shelter Adoption and Play Socialization December 18, 2012
Robert Hensley, Esq - The Coalition to Unchain Dogs December 11, 2012
Ledy VanKavage, Esq., "Rethinking breed identification in veterinary practice & Profitability of property rentals without breed restriction - November 27, 2012
Marcy Lahart, Esq. Service, Support Animals & BSL November 6, 2012
Ken Foster Discusses His Book "I'm A Good Dog" October 30, 2012
Jeff Theman Guilty 'Til Proven Innocent Documentary October 23, 2012
Roo Yori Wallace The Pit Bull and 2012 Advocate of the Year Award October 10, 2012
Dawn Capp, Esq. Mandatory Spay and Neuter and BSL
Gordon Shell and His Campaign Against Dog Fighting October 2, 2012
Rebekah Lusk, Esq. Discusses Police Dog Shootings October 9, 2012
Jim Gorant Discusses His Book Wallace September 11, 2012
Jennifer R. Edwards "Dre" September 4, 2012
StopBSL Founder September 4, 2012
Theresa Donnelly-Military Breed Ban Interview July 10, 2012
Alisa Johnson-Military Breed Ban Interview July 10, 2012
Jean Keating-How to Present Against BSL Interview July 31, 2012
Dr. Kristopher Irizarry-Genetics Interview July 3, 2012
Victoria Stilwell-Lennox Interview July 17, 2012
Debora Bresch-Solesky Amicus & Lynn Debate Interview August 2, 2012
Harold Domer-Pit Bull Shelter Policy Interview June 5, 2012
Donald Cleary-BSL Does Not Increase Public Safety Interview June 26, 2012
Donna Reynolds-Vick Dogs Interview June 12, 2012
Tim Racer-Vick Dogs Interview June 12, 2012
Jim Gorant—Vick Dogs Interview, June 12, 2012
Sonya Dias-Dias v. Denver Interview June 26, 2012
David Hunt-Dog Fighting Investigation Interview June 19, 2012
Geoff Fleck-Dog Fighting Prosecution June 19, 2012