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Jim Gorant—Vick Dogs Interview, June 12, 2012

Jim Gorant, author of the "The Lost Dogs: Michael Vick's Dogs and their Tale of Rescue and Redemption," discusses his research, interviews, and interaction with the dogs. His book presents the facts surrounding the Michael Vick case in an objective fashion, and adds some emotional content by writing from the dog's perspective. 

"Last, I would like to thank the dogs, not just the Vick pack, but all of them, simply for being dogs, which is to say tolerant and perserverant; willing to connect with a world that does not always return their affection; and for proving, time and again, that life, while messy, difficult, and imperfect, has the capacity to exceed our expectations and feed our undying hope." 

His latest book, Wallace, about a pit bull rehabilitated as a frisbee dog, will be out in late August 2012.

June 12, 2012


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