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Libby Sherrill--Beyond The Myth Reunion March 19, 2013

In a truly memorable radio broadcast, Libby Sherrill celebrates the making of Beyond the Myth with many of the film's participants. Go behind the scenes and hear how the film was made, how it affected those who appeared in it, and the impact it had on those who have seen it. For those of you who have not seen Beyond the Myth, watch the trailer here

March 19, 2013


Radio Show Guests

Libby Sherrill—Libby Sherrill wrote, produced, and directed the documentary Beyond The Myth,, the first film to explore the topic of Breed Specific Legislation. She left an eight-year career with Home and Garden Television (HGTV) to make the movie, despite having no experience in animal advocacy or filmmaking. She scheduled and managed over 30 screenings in the U.S. and Canada prior to striking a North American distribution deal with Screen Media Films.

Dawn Capp—A major participant in the documentary "Beyond The Myth." She discussed the mandatory spay and neuter program in San Francisco. Dawn is founder of Chako Rescue.

Dorothy Wilson—Interviewee who was heavily involved in opposing Cincinnati's ban. Since the making of the film, the Cincinnati ban has been overturned.

Kimber Cleveland and Roxie Randle—Singer and songwriters who wrote music for Beyond The Myth. Kimber Cleveland co-wrote the theme song Strong For You with her husband Doug Frasure. After seeing the film, Kimber and Roxie were inspired to write a new song, This Way, that expresses the loss of a loved one under the unimaginable circumstances of BSL.

Elida Burnette—Event Co-ordinator for Pit-N-Proud based in Tucson, AZ. Elida discusses some of the memorable moments that occurred in the screening of the film.

David Lee—Founder of Lehigh Valley Pit Bull Awareness, Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. David's group has hosted more screenings of the film than any other organization in the country.

Allie Menendez—Representative of Dolly's Foundation in Orlando, FL. Dolly's Foundation hosted the most recent screening of Beyond the Myth.

Libby's goal is to use the film for outreach to legislators, universities, high schools, and expos with a curriculum built around it. The film is now available on DVD.

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