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Paul Tullis & Time Magazine's Softer Side of Pit Bulls

Paul Tullis, the author of the Time Magazine article entitled "The Softer Side of Pit Bulls" discusses the writing of this well researched piece subtitled "A reviled breed get a makeover." The story was not motivated by a dog bite incident, and Mr. Tullis came to the subject with little knowledge of pit bulls except that he was seeing a lot more of them in Los Angeles. He talks about how he sorted through all the "information" on the internet, and the importance of science and peer reviewed studies in his field. The problems with visual identification and the consequent unreliability of dog bite data by breed was also covered. The interview also discusses how the breed is gaining in popularity and perceptions are changing. Mr. Tullis brings a fresh perspective to the topic, and has clearly done his research.

July 23, 2013

Paul Tullis


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