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Ledy VanKavage and the 2013 No More Homeless Pets Pit Bull Terrier Advocate Focus Group Presentation

In this advocacy presentation Ledy VanKavage discusses the findings of the Maryland focus group hired by Best Friends to determine the most effective arguments that can be made by Pit bull terrier advocates. Complete with a powerpoint presentation that can be found here, Ledy explores how the focus group reacted (using cutting edge "dial" technology) to many of the arguments made by advocates today. The presentation includes what to call pit bulls, and covers property rights v. animal victimization as well as public safety v. animal welfare. Her final conclusion is that "public safety for all against all dangerous dogs" is where the public interest intersects with the interests of those advocating against breed discriminatory laws. 

October 22, 2013

Ledy VanKavage from Best Friends


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